Who are Deepmatter?

Deepmatter is a big data and analysis company focused on enabling reproducibility and predictability in chemistry.

We develop hardware and software to deliver applications resulting in new optimised chemicals, materials and formulations in commercially significant areas such as pharmaceutical research, fine chemicals, scientific publications and teaching.

We’re at the forefront of the digitization of chemistry, which will ultimately see the enabling of an autonomous synthesis engine.

Deepmatter are a member of BIA and Pistoia Alliance.



The digitization of chemistry is an unprecedented enabler and generator of value for the billion dollar chemistry industry.

Digitized chemistry enhances reproducibility and increases productivity. The contextualized data generated by DeepMatter provides greater access to high fidelity data and informs and improves better outcomes.

DeepMatter drives down costs and improves efficiency in both discovery and manufacturing, making the chemistry industry more sustainable and profitable.

DeepMatter is making chemistry more playable than ever before.


In 2019, DeepMatter Group acquired InfoChem, based in Munich, Germany. Infochem has more than 30 years’ experience in the development and integration of sophisticated software tools for the storage and handling of structure and reaction information.  The company’s main activities involve the production of synthesis planning and reaction prediction solutions and the automatic extraction of scientific information from text and images.  The integration of InfoChem will accelerate development towards our end goal: the digitization of chemistry.


We are a multidisciplinary team of big data, software, chemistry and hardware engineers.

We share a passion for combining technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximise the return on investment made in chemistry every year.


Non-Executive Chairman

Mark Warne

Chief Executive

Fraser Benson

Chief Financial Officer

Bryn Roberts

Non-Executive Director

Laurence Ede

Non-Executive Director

Mirko Walter

Non-Executive Director

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