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ICSYNTH: a way to make synthesis design smarter and more secure

The combination of security and adaptability, with the power to tailor reaction schemes to your specific circumstances, makes ICSYNTH the natural choice for your laboratory

Bringing Computer Assisted Organic Synthesis to Medicinal Chemistry

Planning your journey to get you there quicker and smarter

DigitalGlassware™ : Different Locations, Reproducible Results

As DigitalGlassware™ is cloud-based, users can share their reactions and run data easily and quickly with the global community.

Welcome to DigitalGlassware™

DigitalGlassware™, the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from DeepMatter™, brings recordability, reproducibility and shareability to your lab at every stage of the discovery process.

Introduction to ICSYNTH

Find out how ICSYNTH and ICFRP combine algorithmic and artificial intelligence approaches to provide powerful computer-aided synthesis design tools, resulting in more efficient pathways towards target molecules.

Keeping tabs on your chemistry remotely with DigitalGlassware™

Find out how DigitalGlassware™, the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from deepmatter™, lets you keep track of what’s going on inside a flask in your lab just as easily as a video call lets you keep up to date with your colleagues.

To have a look around the RunManager Module of our DigitalGlassware™ platform click this link.