Keeping tabs on your chemistry remotely with DigitalGlassware®

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way every industry works, and the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are no exception. If you’re working from home, you’ll be glad to know that DigitalGlassware®, the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from DeepMatter™, lets you keep track of what’s going on inside a flask in your lab just as easily as a video call lets you keep up to date with your colleagues.

Monitor reactions without having to stand by the bench

DigitalGlassware® provides real-time data from a host of sensors, both inside and outside the reaction vessel, and makes it available instantly via the cloud. That means that once you or a colleague has set up the reaction, you can follow its progress remotely, reducing the numbers of staff required on site and making it simple to observe social distancing.

A wide array of sensors can be monitored:

  • The DeviceX in-flask sensor package, including temperature, UVA/UVB, accelero-gyro-magnetometer and pressure sensors

  • The EnvironmentalSensor ambient sensor package, including temperature, pressure, humidity and light meter

  • Supported third-party sensors, including Vernier Go Direct temperature, conductivity and pH probes and Pico data loggers.

Live updates from your reaction flask from anywhere in the world. A side-by-side comparison of a reaction being run in the lab followed by our tablet app RecipeRunner (top) and the same sensor data viewed in real-time from a web browser in our DigitalGlassware® Web App (bottom)

Check on your team’s progress, wherever you are in the world

Senior scientists can use DigitalGlassware® to keep track of the work their teams are carrying out, no matter where they are. As well as showing reaction data, the software shows exactly which step of the recipe is being carried out. As the scientist in the lab completes each step, the progress is updated in real time. Team leaders can use their expertise to alert colleagues of any action that needs to be taken, based on up-to-the-minute information.

Simple and secure access to data

DigitalGlassware® offers secure cloud storage that can be accessed easily wherever you find yourself working in these unusual times. All you need is internet access and a browser to log in to all your chemistry data, including live reaction monitoring, saved reaction libraries and more.

We’re all having to adjust to new ways of getting the job done, so there has never been a better time to discover how DigitalGlassware® can work for you. For more information please visit the DigitalGlassware® pages here or for a free demo click the button below:

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