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We offer manual and automatic abstraction of chemical data from any kind of literature and build structure and reaction databases for your individual needs.


DeepMatter offers automatic extraction of chemical information from text and images and builds high quality structure and reaction databases tailored on customer needs. In a Mining for Chemistry project we develop a workflow, applying in-house developed technologies, such as ICANNOTATOR with its extensions or the image abstraction tools.High level quality control is also a fundamental milestone in our process.
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InfoChem offers high quality data exception from any paper (books, laboratory journals, etc.) and electronic (PDF, TIFF, CDX) format and builds structure and reaction databases for customer individual needs. This is possible thanks to the experience of our freelance abstractors network in the field of data recording and processing, and to the enormous know-how of the team in generating guidelines and managing abstractor groups.

InfoChem has longstanding experience in generating high quality structure and reaction databases for all major chemistry publishing houses such as Thieme, Springer Nature, Wiley, Elsevier, etc.