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For the first time in 200 years we’re changing how chemistry is done.

Through the making, using and sharing of data, deepmatter liberates chemists to capture, record and discover together on a global scale.

Beyond the bench
Beyond the lab
Beyond the known


Deepmatter is digitizing chemistry, making it recordable, reproducible and shareable


Our platform transforms chemistry into code. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make better molecules and provide insights never before available.

Our platform transforms chemistry into code and uses AI and machine learning to make better molecules and provides insights - never available before.

How our platform works

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Create reproducible recipes

The process starts with creating a ‘recipe’ - the name we give to our deeper, context-rich chemistry protocol - in our cloud-based Digital Glassware (dg).

Dg encodes recipes, steps and operations. As recipes are recorded, writing standards are set that make them easily reproducible.


Collect high fidelity data

The process continues by collecting data about what is happening in the flask, fume hood and the lab. DeviceX (dx) and its sensors work right inside the flask.

Dg provides a guide and records findings in real time, enabling the synthesis to be tracked as it unfolds, along with what is happening in the lab context. As dx, dg and the sensors are all at work, the data are stored in the deepmatter (dm) cloud.

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Mine valuable insights

All the gathered data in dm cloud are now available to review. Displayed in real time and interrogated using multiple views through dg, analysis of reaction runs can be made, syntheses re-played and insights mined.


Connect to multiple sources

A rich data environment is created, connected via our dedicated Digital Controller (dc) to more sources than have ever been possible before, providing access to data that makes chemistry more shareable, collaborative and connected.


The value of digitizing chemistry


The digitization of chemistry is an unprecedented enabler and generator of value for the billion dollar chemistry industry.

Digitized chemistry enhances reproducibility and increases productivity. The contextualized data generated by deepmatter provides greater access to high fidelity data and informs and improves better outcomes.

Deepmatter drives down costs and improves efficiency in both discovery and manufacturing, making the chemistry industry more sustainable and profitable.

Deepmatter is making chemistry more playable than ever before.


Our team


Deepmatter is inspired by the work of digital chemistry pioneer Professor Lee Cronin. We are a multidisciplinary team of big data, software, chemistry and hardware engineers.

We share a passion for combining technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximize the return on investment made in chemistry every year.


In 2019, DeepMatter Group acquired InfoChem, based in Munich, Germany. Infochem has more than 30 years’ experience in the development and integration of sophisticated software tools for the storage and handling of structure and reaction information. The company’s main activities involve the production of synthesis planning and reaction prediction solutions and the automatic extraction of scientific information from text and images. The integration of InfoChem will accelerate development towards our end goal: the digitization of chemistry.


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We are working with Pioneers - leading international companies excited about the digitization of chemistry. They are testing and providing us with feedback on our products, so we can make improvements before we launch them to market.


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