17 December 2020

DeepMatter Group plc

(“DeepMatter”, the “Company” or “the Group”)

DeepMatter signs multi-year contract with Thieme Chemistry

DeepMatterGroup plc, the AIM-quoted company focusing on digitising chemistry, is pleased to announce that it has signed a three-year contract with Thieme Chemistry, which is part of the Thieme Group, an award-winning international medical and science publisher serving health professionals and students for more than 130 years, for the supply of technical data services and access to the Group’s proprietary algorithms.

The contract builds on a long-standing relationship between the two businesses, providing Thieme with access to DeepMatter’s services and algorithms to ensure the quality of, and access to, their data.

Mark Warne, CEO of DeepMatter Group, commented: “We are delighted to have formalised our long-standing relationship with one of the world’s leading scientific publishers and are proud of the role our data services and algorithms play in the quality of their world-renowned data. The theme of data quality in research is increasingly coming to the fore and through the breadth of our offerings we are well placed to meet the needs of the industry, from data-gathering at source through to publication.”

Martin Spencker, Executive Vice President International Business of Thieme, commented: “We are committed to publishing only the highest quality of data and we believe that DeepMatter’s tools provide us with the resources to do so. We are believers in the Company’s offering and look forward to exploring the ways in which their technology can help us unlock further quality data.”

For more information, please contact:

DeepMatter Group plc

Mark Warne, Chief Executive Officer

T: 0141 548 8156

Canaccord Genuity Limited (Nominated Advisor and Broker)

Bobbie Hilliam / Angelos Vlatakis

T: 020 7523 8000

Alma PR

Caroline Forde / Harriet Jackson / Kieran Breheny

T: 020 3405 0205


About DeepMatter Group plc

DeepMatter's long term strategy is to integrate chemistry with technology, thereby enabling a greater use of artificial intelligence and reaching a point where chemicals can be autonomously synthesised through robotics. It has developed and is commercialising data rich platform technologies, including software and laboratory hardware, focused on applications to improve R&D productivity and discovery using Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence.

DeepMatter's technologies allow chemistry experiments to be accurately and systematically recorded, coded and entered into a shared data cloud. They are designed to enable chemists to work together effectively; sharing the details of their experiments from anywhere and in real-time, so that work is not needlessly duplicated, time and money wasted, and ultimately so new discoveries may be made faster.

Visit: and follow @deepmattergroup

About Thieme Group

Thieme is a leading supplier of information and services contributing to the improvement of healthcare and health. Employing more than 1,000 staff, the family-owned company develops products and services in digital and other media for the medical and chemistry sectors. Operating internationally with offices in 11 cities worldwide, the Thieme Group works closely with a strong network of experts and partners. The products and services are based on the high-quality content of Thieme’s 200 journals and 4,400 books. With solutions for professionals, Thieme supports relevant information processes in sciende, education, and patient care. The mission of the Thieme Group is to provide these markets with precisely the information, services, and products they need in their specific work situation and career. Providing top-quality services that are highly relevant to specific audiences, Thieme contributes to better healthcare and healthier lives. For more information about Thieme, please visit

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