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We’re changing how chemistry is done. DeepMatter® liberates chemists to capture, record and discover together on a global scale.

Making experiments faster, cheaper and more reproducible


DigitalGlassware®, the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from Deepmatter®, brings recordability, reproducibility and shareability to your lab at every stage of the discovery process, from planning your reaction to analysing the outcome.

Making better synthesis predictions


Computer aided synthesis design/retrosynthesis tool that enables chemists to generate synthetic pathways for a target molecule. It facilitates innovation by stimulating ideas for alternative or novel synthetic routes that otherwise may not be considered.

Trusted by chemists globally

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ICSYNTH is our powerful computer aided synthesis design tool that enables chemists to generate synthetic pathways for a target molecule.

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New Demo Lab in the Deepmatter offices

We unveiled our brand new demo lab for DigitalGlassware® in the heart of the Deepmatter office in Glasgow. The lab has a demonstration unit of the technology in action as well as a timeline wall showing key milestones since our inception. It was great to see digital chemistry in action and have the opportunity to showcase DigitalGlassware® with customers both online and face to face.

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A new lens on data

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The new v2.8.0 of DigitalGlassware®

This article highlights the latest release of DigitalGlassware® R2.8.0. The aim of R2.8.0 will be to strengthen and improve the data records captured using the platform to facilitate better insights and analysis.

Adding value to data sets with DigitalGlassware® Outcomes

The addition of outcomes to a run in DigitalGlassware® (and structuring against sensor data) are needed to contextualise and realise the true value of a reaction data set i.e. was this a good data set or a bad data set? This story details the recent update to outcomes, placing the value they provide to data sets and the ability to set Point in Time values.

Add a little colour to your data with DigitalGlassware®

DeepMatter does more than collect and structure sensor data, we derive insights from your data that you may otherwise miss. An example would be from the DeviceX camera which we can use to quantify colour change and other events in a time-course manner

Rich data capture with DeviceX from DigitalGlassware®

To facilitate the capture of data from the lab DeepMatter provides several bespoke sensor capturing offerings that come integrated with DigitalGlassware® and are ready to start recording data out of the box: DeviceX and the EnvironmentalSensor