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We’re changing how chemistry is done. DeepMatter liberates chemists to capture, record and discover together on a global scale.

Making experiments faster, cheaper and more reproducible


DigitalGlassware™, the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from Deepmatter, brings recordability, reproducibility and shareability to your lab at every stage of the discovery process, from planning your reaction to analysing the outcome.

Making better synthesis predictions


Computer aided synthesis design/retrosynthesis tool that enables chemists to generate synthetic pathways for a target molecule. It facilitates innovation by stimulating ideas for alternative or novel synthetic routes that otherwise may not be considered.

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A new lens on data

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Keeping your experiment records safe with DigitalGlassware™

The ability to persist data on the cloud and maintain version numbers in Recipes allows DigitalGlassware™ to keep an archived track of all the users work. This can be accessed immediately and securely through the browser.

Realtime sensor alerts in the lab from RecipeRunner

RecipeRunner serves multiple roles in the lab including real-time sensor data, capturing notes and guiding you through your Recipe. One role to highlight is the ability to set alerts to sensor data so when the sensor breaches a threshold an alert is fired to the user. Also during Recipe creation there are several tools that can be utilised to help alert the user of risks and places to take care ahead of time (e.g. Caution, Expectations )

DigitalGlassware™: Structuring and Contextualized Chemical Outcomes for Faster Discovery

Recently Deepmatter participated in the 3rd RSC-BMCS / RSC-CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry meeting where we spoke about DigitalGlassware™ and our efforts on structuring data and outcomes that will lead to faster chemical discovery

Connecting your lab with DigitalGlassware™

Data collection in the lab is a fractured experience with chemists required to interact with multiple data sources (often in different labs) to bring together the pieces of the characterisation puzzle. DigitalGlassware™ simplifies things tremendously, offering a way to not only aggregate your data in our secure cloud based service, but also connect your devices to capture real time data.