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Company statement

 29 November 2023

Deepmatter has launched legal proceedings against the University of Glasgow before the Court of Session (Scotland’s Supreme Civil Court).

The commercial action seeks orders from the court to require the University to disclose information which Deepmatter considers could shed light on potential infringements of its intellectual property rights arising out of a research agreement conducted between 2014 - 2018.

Under the research agreement, the University has a contractual obligation to assist Deepmatter in protecting its IP.

Deepmatter has asked the University to provide certain information. The University has refused to do, arguing that Deepmatter's request is unreasonable in the context of the University's contractual obligations.

A hearing in the case took place before Lord Sandison on 3 November 2023 at which Deepmatter invited the court to expedite the procedure and order the production of sworn evidence.

The court required both parties to produce affidavits explaining their position before returning to court on 6 December 2023.

As Deepmatter stated on 2 August 2023 – see below - it is prepared to take all necessary steps in order to protect its rights

  2 August 2023

DeepMatter confirms it is aware of published information that concerns its intellectual property. This information includes (but is not limited to) an article published by the Financial Times on the 1 August 2023.

This article concerns Chemify, a spinout from the University of Glasgow, and that company’s fundraise of $43mn to “digitise chemistry”. This article refers to the Chemputer®. DeepMatter is the registered owner of the Chemputer® trademark and is currently engaged in legal proceedings to protect its trademark from action by Chemify Limited. 

DeepMatter confirms that it is prepared to take all steps necessary in order to protect its rights.

DeepMatter also owns copyright in code and software for use in the digitalisation of chemistry and maintains patents for technology with related applications. Rights to some of this IP were acquired by way of an agreement with the University of Glasgow. This IP relates to the work of Professor Cronin of the University’s School of Chemistry. In respect of this IP, the University of Glasgow retains a licence for academic purposes only. 

To protect its IP, DeepMatter has engaged its lawyers in respect of the activities of the University of Glasgow, Professor Cronin, Chemify and other individuals. DeepMatter confirms that it is prepared to take all steps necessary in order to protect its rights.  

In the meantime, all of DeepMatter's rights are reserved.