With machine learning (ML) powered products, SmartChemistry® empowers the chemist to design, experiment and understand their chemistry on an unprecedented scale. Utilising an advanced knowledge base that combines reaction data, real time sensor data and outcomes, SmartChemistry® enables access to a higher level of experimentation in the chemistry laboratory.

Finding the appropriate routes for molecule

Our advanced synthesis design tools are based on the best structured reaction databases on the market, generating novel concepts and ideas for your synthesis. Through a simple to use UI, chemists are able to easily generate novel synthetic routes.

Access the relevant published information to make the right decisions

Combining structured data sets with novel ML-models. SmartChemistry offers the most novel and diverse suggestions on the market. By providing novelty and sustainability scores with every prediction, we are enabling chemists to make the most informed choice for their chemistry.

Create Recipes

Our reaction and chemical databases provide instant access to reaction conditions, health & safety, available chemicals and experiment costs, providing you the information you require upfront to make the most optimal choice for experimentation.

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Execute experiments without losing information

SmartChemistry’s reaction monitoring tools provide assistance in real time, correlating the chemists actions with the reality of the chemistry occurring in the lab. Legacy data sets can be used to guide towards the most successful outcome possible.

Data capture

We integrate with instrumentation from the lab, providing both real time monitoring and post run association of analytical data in a single run record. Notes and observations from the lab are also included, providing an accurate picture of what happened in the lab in a single place.

Real time monitoring and automation

With our Cloud-based approach, real time data captured from the lab is accessible securely from your internet browser, enabling dissemination and collaboration on a global scale. Combined with our structured data formats, SmartChemistry is paving the way towards automation and robotics in a single platform.

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Analyse post experiment with outcome data

All data captured with SmartChemistry is available for review, download and analysis. Our Cloud-based approach provides access to the aggregate, whilst our structured formats enable ML-model generation and application

Predict better experimental conditions and materials

ML-models built on our structured data sets can provide analysis and prediction on the most optimal experimental conditions to perform in the lab. These models can also identify when your reaction is complete in the lab.

Optimize experiments

The structured data captured with our products can be applied in ML-models to optimize the outcomes of the chemistry. From yield and purity, to formulations, the SmartChemistry products can inform you on what to do in the lab, and how successful it will be.

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