To date investment and effort have focused on what medicine to develop, with little regard for how it is made. We want to​ advance the how.

Our vision is to provide the data that enables all medicines to be made in the best possible way. We will achieve this by delivering our three strategic growth objectives:

deepmatter® has the ​best data and is​ committed to building ​on this advantage

We will succeed because:

deepmatter® has the only large and accessible database of reliable ways to make medicines. The contextualised data generated by deepmatter® provides greater access to high-fidelity data and informs and improves outcomes. Smartchemistry®, the combination of data and AI, enables better discovery, productivity and sustainability.​ We are growing our data using emerging technologies. We create value for our customers from aggregated data we collect using ML. We are continuing to grow our data and develop our integrated cloud-based platform enabling AI driven chemical automation through a Chemputer®.

deepmatter® is a leader in the market and will build on this through partnerships

We will succeed because:

deepmatter® drives down costs and improves efficiency, making the chemistry industry more sustainable and profitable. We provide faster, actionable insights through our unique approach to collecting, structuring, sharing and analysing real-time data from the lab. We are at the forefront of thought leadership, and we work with disruptive biotech, as well as building large corporate partnerships.

Deepmatter® is growing a diverse, recurring revenue base

We will succeed because:

deepmatter® is at the forefront of the digitisation of chemistry, which will ultimately see the enabling of an autonomous synthesis engine. This provides a pathway to growing recurring revenues and large untapped potential.