SmartRecipes for DigitalGlassware is a natural language processing tool that can automatically convert any experimental free text into a highly structured protocol, identifying chemicals, laboratory actions and chemical safety information with a click of a button.

Read on to find out more about how SmartRecipes can help you begin digitising your chemistry lab.

With DigitalGlassware, Deepmatter are committed to the digitisation of chemistry by providing the platform to connect your laboratory equipment, structure your experimental protocols for improved data capture, data collation and ultimately build the next generation data sets for improved analysis and insights. That’s why we are excited to announce SmartRecipes, the natural language processing tool that automatically converts free text experimental procedures into highly structured codified protocols.

SmartRecipes is the next step in digitising your chemistry lab. With a press of a button SmartRecipes can identify laboratory actions, chemicals, their masses and volumes from free text, and automatically populate the related fields into a DigitalGlassware Recipe. By doing so SmartRecipes provides a digital structure of your experimental protocols and offers improved data structuring for data analysis and interpretation. For instance we can now associate free text with a specific type of operation, removing ambiguity and preferential language or statements the author may have. Now when a Recipe is created with SmartRecipes, a specific type of operation means the same across all Recipes irrespective of the language used.

In combination with our Molecular Information Service/ System we can also provide safety information automatically for your experimental protocol allowing you to create a rich and complete digital record of your experimental protocol quickly and easily.

To find out more about how SmartRecipes and DigitalGlassware® can help you with your digitisation efforts, or to request a free demo of the platform, click the button below.

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