1 November 2022

Add a Little Colour to Your Data with Digitalglassware®

‘Unlocking the power of data in your lab’ is our defining motivation with DigitalGlassware®, helping you to capture and record data from the lab to aid in the discovery of better and improved chemistry. To facilitate this we utilise multiple data streams to deepen your insights: from user inputs during the reaction to sensor data from your reaction flask. However that’s not all, we can even derive insights you may otherwise miss during your reaction! For instance our DeviceX camera sensor can quantify colour change in real-time.

Read on to find out more on how we derive additional information from simple sensor traces.

With DigitalGlassware® we have created a platform that provides the tools and framework for structuring and capturing data from the lab for better analysis. Our multi-sensor instrument DeviceX provides a plethora of sensor readings directly from your reaction flask that can combine to derive additional information which you may otherwise miss. For instance the Stir-rate sensor uses a magnetometer sensor to derive the stir-rate in your reaction solution in real-time.

The DeviceX Camera sensor is another example of a data stream rich with potential. At its basic level, we can monitor a visual feed of your reaction from inside the reaction flask meaning you have a time-course feed of any events that occur in the flask. From this feed we can begin to explore and derive additional insights.

A close up of the end of the DeviceX sensor arm with the DeviceX Camera sensor clearly visible

For instance, the DeviceX Camera is incredibly useful for quantifying colour change in your reaction, a notoriously subjective event in the reaction flask. We are also able to present you the colour change results in real-time, sending variations in the RGB value of your reaction to the RecipeRunner tablet app or to the DigitalGlassware® web application.

Recent developments have explored further information we can derive from the DeviceX Camera, such as identifying precipitation events and as this data is linked to the DigitalGlassware® platform, it is correlated with your actions and other sensors providing ample opportunity to utilise this information in concert with other sensors.

Deriving insights from the DeviceX Camera sensor is only one example of the type of information DigitalGlassware® is able to record and provide to you in order to deepen your understanding on your chemical reaction. If you’d like a fuller demonstration of DigitalGlassware® click the Free Demo button below.