2 November 2022

Adding Value To Data Sets With DigitalGlassware® Outcomes

The RunManager module in the DigitalGlassware® Web App houses all your run data from the lab, from sensor data recorded from instruments like DeviceX to notes and photo note observations captured in the lab. But a key piece of information that needs to be recorded is the outcome of the reaction. For instance was it a good yield or was the purity as expected?

Read on to find out how DigitalGlassware® stores and associates outcomes from your chemistry against your run, creating a rich data set for better analysis.

At Deepmatter we understand how important reaction outcomes are to contextualise and realise the true value of a reaction data set. Particularly with respect to DigitalGlassware® capturing and structuring outcomes in combination of our Recipes and rich sensor data will create invaluable experiment records for data analysis, enrichening insights towards better chemistry. Recently we improved our DigitalGlassware® data records by structuring and storing Run Outcomes with your run record. Now information such as yield and purity can be associated with your run providing an additional layer of value to your data sets.

When including a Run Outcome in DigitalGlassware® it is also possible to assign a Point-in-Time that is carried through to your sensor data analysis, handy if you were monitoring the conversion of your starting material during your reaction. The Point-in-Time outcome can be viewed in parallel with your sensor data, providing a quick and visual way to analyse your sensor data in our DigitalGlassware® Web application.

We have also extended Run Outcomes to include and associate file attachments with your run. Captured an interesting NMR or IR spectrum of your reaction solution? Now you can add it to your DigitalGlassware® run. Not only is it available for you to access whenever you need it but our cloud based service means you can attach and share these files with your colleagues immediately, wherever they are in the world!

Run Outcomes is just one example of how DigitalGlassware® is enrichening the quality of data for better analysis and insights. If you’d like a fuller demonstration of DigitalGlassware® experience you can request a free demo of the platform by clicking the button below.