31 October 2022

Connecting Your Lab With DigitalGlassware®

Data collection in the lab can be a fractured experience with chemists required to interact with multiple data sources (often in different labs) to bring together the pieces of the characterisation puzzle. DigitalGlassware® simplifies things tremendously, offering a way to not only aggregate your data in our secure cloud-based service for easier analysis, but also connect different devices to capture time-course real time data.

Read on to find out more about how DigitalGlassware® can connect your lab and simplify the act of data collection during your reaction.

Capturing reaction data, particularly time-course data is one of our defining goals here at deepmatter® as we believe the capture of rich and contextualised sensor data supplemented with outcomes will lead to better chemistry, faster and cheaper.

With DigitalGlassware® we are constantly striving for ways to facilitate the capture of data to provide value for you, the user. One way we achieve this is through our DigitalController hardware which connects devices in your lab to our cloud-based system.

Through the DigitalController we can connect sensor devices that we have developed at deepmatter® such as the DeviceX and EnvironmentalSensor but also other commonly used devices such as IKA magnetic stirrers and hotplates, Pico Technology Thermocouple Data Loggers, Vernier Bluetooth sensors including temperature and pH.

Recently we announced a collaboration with Waters™ to bring their LC/MS data to DigitalGlassware® as well. All of these additional data sources are structured and stored within our Practical Chemical Runtime Record (PCRR), correlating the sensor data with your actions in the lab and providing increased value to the data. 

An example of devices connected in the lab, including the DeviceX, IKA hot plate and Vernier pH sensor.

Our list of integrated devices is ever growing as we continue to build towards a better data aggregation solution for you. To find out more about DigitalGlassware® fill in the form below  and explore the RunManager software here.