1 November 2022

Keeping your Experiment Records Safe with DigitalGlassware®

At Deepmatter we are committed to making your job easier, from the office to the lab.

One way we achieve this with DigitalGlassware® is by archiving all your data at every step of the process, meaning it’s available whenever your need it, wherever you need it. When you digitize your chemistry using our RecipeBuilder module (available from our DigitalGlassware® web app) it saves your changes as you are editing, creating a version trail that you can review and refer back to when needed. Not only that the version trail persists with your final Recipe version, meaning you can refer back to your modifications whenever you want.

When you run your Recipe in the lab, all sensor data captured against the Run is automatically stored securely on our cloud-based storage platform which is accessible whenever you need it from the RunManager module in the DigitalGlassware® web app. Our RunAnalyser tool (housed in RunManager) allows you to quickly compare and analyse any of your runs you’ve ever captured.

Haven’t run this chemistry for some time? No matter, DigitalGlassware® has it stored and ready for you to call. But what if you want to identify a unique run for the future? With our Run Tagging functionality you can add unique identifiers to your Recipe runs so you can search and call upon them in the future. With DigitalGlassware® all your data  is available and searchable, whenever you need it.

If you’d like to see how RunAnalyser works you can check out our Public RunManager platform here