2 November 2022

The New V2.8.0 Of DigitalGlassware®

We are constantly expanding the functionality and usability of the DigitalGlassware® platform to help provide our users with access to high quality data and ultimately better insights from their chemistry. November marks the release of our latest version of DigitalGlassware®v2.8.0, which not only strengthens but improves the data records captured using DigitalGlassware® for improved analysis.

Read on to find out more about v2.8.0  and how DigitalGlassware® can enrichen and facilitate the collection of data from your lab.

The latest version of the DigitalGlassware® platform, v2.8.0, brings with it significant improvements to the quality of data captured against a DigitalGlassware® run record. In v2.8.0 our users can now begin to attribute Outcomes to their lab-captured sensor data and even attach files to create a rich data record for analysis.

A variety of pre-set outcomes can be chosen such as yield and purity and structured against your sensor data, defining a Point in Time (PiT) when the measurement took place. This information is now persisted with your run record and run data, even when you download your data to view in your browser.

Our capture of outcomes even extends to the attachment of files with your DigitalGlassware® run. Now all your characterisation data, such as your NMR or LC/MS data, can be attached and stored against your run, making all your data available from the DigitalGlassware® Web App wherever you are. This is particularly handy for those ‘disconnected’ instruments in the lab and for sharing data with colleagues. All you need to do now is attach your files in DigitalGlassware® and share the secure URL with your colleagues. The v2.8.0 release also marks the first outcome from our collaboration with Waters to bring data from their LC/MS systems into DigitalGlassware®. We’ll discuss this in greater detail shortly.

v2.8.0 marks an improvement to the quality of data records captured using the DigitalGlassware® platform and is now currently being rolled out to our user base.