1 November 2022

Realtime Sensor Alerts in the Lab from RecipeRunner

The RecipeRunner tablet app from deepmatter serves as an essential tool in your lab, providing access to real-time sensor data, safety information and capturing notes and observations during your chemistry run.

But what if you need to leave your chemistry to tend to something else, say for a meeting or to clean some equipment? Read on to find out how RecipeRunner keeps you connected to your reaction flask even when you are away from the fumehood.

RecipeRunner is a great tool to help chemists in the lab, providing real-time sensor data being captured in your reaction flask and making available safety information for your chemistry at any point in the reaction. A key feature in RecipeRunner is our Sensor Alert functionality which allows you to set an upper or lower threshold on any sensor capturing data from your DigitalGlassware® Recipe run. When the sensor breaches your defined threshold then it fires an alert to you in RecipeRunner so you are able to respond. Particularly handy when you need to quickly leave your reaction.

Setting an alert in the RecipeRunner tablet app from DigitalGlassware®

Another aspect of RecipeRunner is the ability to highlight key parts of your reaction and chemistry ahead of time through the DigitalGlassware® Recipe. Additional tools are available when you create a Recipe for the author to impart key information critical for the success of the chemistry but also for indicating safety aspects. For instance, ExpectationTipCaution and Critical tool tips that are included during the Recipe creation process are available in RecipeRunner and allow the user to prepare ahead of time.

An example of an Expectation and a Tip during an active Recipe run.