1 November 2022

Removing Ambiguity in the Lab with DigitalGlassware®

One of the central pillars of DigitalGlassware® is providing the tools for you to capture, disseminate and ultimately reproduce your chemistry in the lab.

However there can be times where it is difficult to describe accurately your chemical observations. In order to help we introduce the Notes feature in our RecipeRunner tablet application that allows you to not only record notes during the course of your reaction but also to capture photo notes of your chemistry that can be later recalled with your chemistry run record.

Our RecipeRunner tablet app is the ultimate accompaniment tool in the lab, allowing you access to real time sensor data and also our Note functionality. With Notes you can record time-stamped observations that are saved against your Recipe run. These notes are instantly available for your colleagues to see, for instance from the LabManager real time view.

Our RecipeRunner tablet app also allows you to record time-stamped Photo Notes using the tablet camera, capturing those difficult to describe observations and removing ambiguity from your experimental record. All your Notes are available from your Recipe run in our RunManager module, and are included in your data when you download it via PCRR or CSV.

With DigitalGlassware® we are providing the tools to ensure you are able to capture and disseminate high quality data from the lab, securely and easily.