31 October 2022

Your Data, Anywhere, Anytime

DigitalGlassware® is changing the way chemistry is traditionally done in the lab. Through the structuring of experimental protocols and capture of time-course data with user observations, we are building rich and contextualised chemistry records ripe for data analysis. Of course this effort would be meaningless unless that data was available for you, the user, to share with your colleagues quickly and securely. DigitalGlassware® has several tools and mechanisms which not only make the sharing of data quick and easy, but ensures you always have access to your data securely.

Read on to find out more about how DigitalGlassware® allows you to share your data securely and instantly with your colleagues.

An example of our Practical Chemistry Markup Language in DigitalGlassware®

Central to DigitalGlassware® is our secure cloud-based storage approach. All reaction data you capture in the lab using DigitalGlassware® is stored in real-time and available anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet access you have access to your data.

But what if you want to share your results, for instance you may have a review meeting coming up with your colleagues or you wish to discuss your latest results? Well with DigitalGlassware® there are several ways to share data quickly and easily. A simple way to share run data is with our Jump-to-URL feature.

Once you have found your data in RunManager all you have to do is share the secure URL with your colleague. If they have access to the platform they will be taken directly to the data, providing a simple way to remotely share data instantly.

Alternatively we make available the CSV of your run data, which also includes all your notes and observations captured during the run, and the Practical Chemistry Runtime Record (PCRR), our complete record of your chemistry data in one place. Both of these files can be downloaded from the browser for you to share and analyse. These options are also available for your colleagues as well, making it easier than ever to share rich contextualised reaction data securely.

A CSV of a DigitalGlassware® run, downloaded from our Public Platform

Making data accessible whilst maintaining security is a driving motivator here at deepmatter® and with DigitalGlassware® this has never been easier. You can contact us below to find out more about how DigitalGlassware® could help you in the lab and you can also explore our RunManager software here.