28 April 2023

Deep Matters: April 2023

What's new in version 3 of DigitalGlassware®?

This new update includes:

  • Email sensor alerts. You can now receive an email notification when a real-time sensor reaches a threshold you have defined, so you know you’re getting the latest information from your reaction as it happens.

  • Upgraded graphing. Our sensor graphing tool has been overhauled, focusing on a streamlined approach that gets you to the data you’re looking for as quickly as possible







Keep your data accessible with our cloud-based data capture solution ☁️

With SmartChemistry®, your information is monitored in real time, enabling large-scale analysis and easy access to meaningful resources when you need them.
Find out more about our accessible, cloud-based platform.

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Design, Experiment, Understand: How SmartChemistry® elevates chemical discovery

The SmartChemistry® platform has been deliberately designed with the entire route to synthesis in mind, meaning that you can rely on our tech to streamline the complete development process.

But what does that look like in your lab?

Our latest blog focuses on the three phases of chemical discovery, and how SmartChemistry® optimises the process at every stage. Discover how we can help you to: Design, experiment, understand.

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Picture from our CPO, Glyn Williams, who attended ACS Spring 2023 on behalf of deepmatter® at the end of March. See you in 2024!