1 February 2023

Deep Matters: January 2023

Welcome to the January edition of Deep Matters.
This issue includes our new blog 'How will AI change chemical experimentation?'
Additionally, we will showcase news from around the group including conferences we will be attending in the coming months.

How will AI change chemical experimentation?

In 2020, 80% of executives in the chemicals industry believed that AI would become important to the success of their business in the next three years. Now, as we settle into 2023, this majority has been proven right as the uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to grow within chemistry. But is the industry making the most of what AI can do?

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deepmatter® are attending Lab of the Future USA on the 9th and 10th March 2023 in Boston. 
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Our CPO, Glyn WIilliams will be attending and speaking at ACS Spring 2023 on behalf of deepmatter® on 26-30th March in Indianapolis.
More information on Glyn's talk to come.
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