31 July 2023

Deep Matters: July 2023


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This month, with the ACS Fall conference and expo nearly upon us, we’re thinking about the theme of harnessing the power of data in chemistry. That’s why July’s newsletter features our latest expert blog, written by Thomas Galeandro-Diamant, exploring the true value of large volumes of data for better experimental insights. Plus, find out how our unique SmartChemistry® model can help you access this new level of data.


ACS Fall, California
13-17 August

We’re fast approaching the ACS Fall conference and expo - will you be joining us? There’s still time to register your attendance and take part in the conversation around harnessing the power of data in chemistry.

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NEW blog: Data in

What are the three pillars of data, and why are they so important for informing accurate, reliable and reproducible experiments? Our Director of Products and Services, explains it all in our latest blog.

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Design, Experiment,

What can SmartChemistry® do for you? Our platform is designed to help chemists design, perform and understand their experiments better, but what does that really mean? Take a look at our blog to find out.

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